AI ShopLift Detection


AI Shoplifting detection

Unique artificial intelligence has been developed to detect shoplifting and theft habits while they are happening. CCTV systems provide the added benefit of recording live footage for surveillance during the day as well as storing footage for later review. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the resources or staff to survey each camera every minute of the day, this is where AI shoplifting detection comes in handy. 

The smart AI is connected to existing CCTV cameras using the internet, which then monitors selected cameras simultaneously for unusual or theft behaviour. If the technology detects any unusual gestures (outlined below) it will send a short clip for review to the security team monitoring the premises. The alerted security team can take immediate action on the situation. 

Once the alert has been dealt with, the security team will manually log the activity “theft stopped”, “theft escaped” or “no further action”. This will confirm whether the AI accurately reported the activity or not. After each log, the AI will continue to learn which gestures correctly identify theft and which don’t.

Gestures Detected by AI

The AI technology is already programmed to detect various gestures that may determine if someone is trying to steal a product. As the security team logs more activity, the smart IA system will refine and develop more gestures to alert.

Highly Suspicious Activity – Picks up on people putting products in personal bags, pockets or under clothing.

Less Suspicious Activity – Less obvious gestures like consuming products in the store or taking multiple products at once.

Suspicious Product Placement – Alerts on products put in unusual places like baby carriages or strollers.

Suspicious Bag Usage – Notifies when products are placed into bags while walking through the aisles.

Gestures Near The Body –Suspects unusual activity when shoppers have abnormal behaviour near their bodies.

Products Placed In Bags – Alerts when products are placed in shopping bags, plastic bags or paper bags outside of the till zone.


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