Intercom Systems


Intercom System Installations

CCTV offers a wide range of intercom systems from the standard ones to the more advanced IP based intercom systems.

Analogue Intercom Systems

Analogue systems are basic point to point wiring; these intercoms are available in audio and video but are basic systems and cannot be upgraded to larger systems.

analogue pic A

IP Network audio & video intercom systems

IP network-based intercoms can be deployed into a client’s existing network infrastructure, this can result in a reduced deployment cost, and the IP Intercom system can consist of multiple devices and can be up to 500 devices per master station.

IP systems can be integrated into building management systems and CCTV systems.

ip intercomm pic B

GSM Intercom Systems

GSM units allow your mobile device to act as an intercom handset, the gate station will report directly to your mobile handset. This type of intercom system is much easier deployed into areas where cable routes are in-accessible, this unit allows up to 10 phone numbers per user and can be controlled from anywhere; this system allows up to 1000 users per master station.

GSM Unit pic C


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