CCTV Point of Sale/Scale Integration


CCTV Point of sale, Scale integration and Reviewing

CCTV Security Surveillance offers point of sale and scale integration which is connected via the network to the CCTV recording Device, this feature will display all items scanned at the point of sale and all items weighed on the scale, the feature will be available on the live video feed and recorded video footage for later review and analysis. 

This service will enhance the effectiveness of the CCTV system allowing the CCTV user or controllers to be proactive in identifying product loss and theft that can take place via the point of sale and scales. This is a beneficial feature as it will save the client time searching for incidents and save money by reducing theft or shrinkage.

Available Integration Options

IP CCTV Integration


  • Higher Picture resolution and quality
  • Clearer images for product identification
  • Smart image quality for better clarity due to sunlight, fluorescent light or surface reflection
  • Faster and more accurate searching for products
  • Higher image Zooming quality
  • Installation Cheaper to install
  • Easily expandable
  • IP CCTV systems can range from 2 to 5 Megapixel cameras
  • Data Mining smart search available


  • Higher equipment cost

HD CCTV Integration


  • Lower equipment cost


  • Lower quality resolution images
  • No smart features available
  • Prone to bad image clarity due to high light conditions such as fluorescent lights, light reflections and sunlight
  • Slower video playback
  • Lower image zooming quality
  • Data Mining search feature limited
  • Limited expansion
  • Higher Installation Cost

Features of CCTV Point of sale and Scale integration

Live view Features

  • Watch items scanned live
  • Verify all items are being scanned through Point of sale
  • View sweet hearting live
  • All Items scanned will be overlaid on the live video feed
  • Item that are not scanned will not appear on the live view video feed
  • Verify correct product bar code and PLU matches the product scanned
  • Verify correct product price per kilogram
  • Instant playback function available for quick verification of non-scanned items or suspicious transactions

Stored Video Playback Features

  • All items scanned are stored on the recorded video footage for later review
  • Review video footage and pick up on trends such as sweethearting, card scamming, airtime theft, unauthorized voids and returns.
  • Verify correct product codes and PLUs are used.
  • Data Mining – Specific word search for suspected high loss products or suspicious transactions
  • Fast customer assistance – search for customer queries via data mining using words from clients till slip.
  • Verify all products have been scanned
  • Verify the correct amount paid for goods
  • Verify correct change was given to the client
  • Items not scanned or missed will not appear on the recorded video footage
  • Verify correct employee authorizing voids and returns
  • Verify correct teller logs on to the Point of sale
  • Footage can be extracted and used for evidence
  • Point of sale CCTV footage can be extracted and reviewed by CCTV security surveillance reviewing centre and reports generated with video clips

CCTV Reviewing Centre

CCTV offsite Reviewing is a professional service we provide clients where our highly trained staff review CCTV Point of sale and scale integration footage for theft, trends, card scamming, and product loss due to incorrect or no scanning taking place. This service is not limited to Point of sale and scale integration we also offer our reviewing services for all other areas where incidents such as eating, drinking and theft can take place. 

CCTV offsite reviewing will save the client time of reviewing CCTV footage and will result in the identifying of product loss and theft that may take place in the store or premises.

Benefits for Reviewing

  • Save clients the time of reviewing footage
  • Trends of theft are identified
  • Reduce shrinkage and theft
  • Reports generated on all reviewed footage
  • All incidents are saved as short video clips for client fast access and viewing
  • Reports delivered to the client
  • The following will be checked
  • All voids and returns
  • Correct Product codes and PLU’s scanned
  • Counting of money exchanged
  • Items not scanned and left in trollies or baskets
  • Sweet hearting
  • Eating and drinking
  • Health practices
  • Client attention
  • Airtime sales
  • Products codes match items
  • Rand per Kilogram
  • Health and Hygiene Practices
Review Report Example


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