Inverters and Solar Solutions


Inverters and Solar Solutions

Revolutionizing Electronic Security Systems in South Africa:

Unlocking the power of inverters and solar energy, businesses in South Africa can now fortify their electronic security systems with cutting-edge inverters and solar-powered solutions. These advanced technologies not only enhance surveillance capabilities but also provide a sustainable and reliable alternative to combat the persistent electricity challenges faced by businesses across the country.

Uninterrupted Power for CCTV Systems

Experience unparalleled surveillance and security with our inverters or solar systems. Power is integrated into your security, ensuring a continuous power supply. These advanced systems ensure unwavering surveillance even during power outages.

Powering Access Control Systems

Our solar solutions extend beyond CCTV systems to empower access control systems. Whether it’s electric gates or card readers, our integrated inverters or solar power solutions offer seamless operation. Manage and monitor entry and exit points effectively, ensuring enhanced security and access management even during electricity shortages.

Combatting Electricity Challenges:

South Africa has been grappling with persistent electricity challenges, with load shedding becoming a recurring issue that impacts businesses nationwide. By harnessing the power of the sun, businesses can stay one step ahead in safeguarding their assets, eliminating vulnerabilities during power outages. In an era of aging infrastructure, maintenance issues, and soaring energy demands, finding a reliable power source for your security systems is crucial.

Renewable energy of solar panels. Solar panels on a background of blue sky.

Solar Power Systems: A Sustainable Solution

Embrace sustainable and cost-effective inverter and solar power systems to address the electricity challenges faced by businesses. By leveraging and using inverters or solar energy, these systems provide a consistent power supply, reducing dependence on the national grid. 

Discover the solar power options available for your CCTV and security systems:

Solar Panels

Efficiently generate electricity by installing solar panels on rooftops or open areas. These panels convert sunlight into usable electrical power, empowering your security systems and CCTV cameras. Store excess energy in batteries or directly utilize it for uninterrupted operation.

Battery Backup Systems

Integrate battery backup systems with solar panels to ensure a continuous power supply, even in the absence of sunlight. These batteries store excess energy generated during the day, allowing businesses to utilize it during the night or power outages.

Hybrid Solar Systems:

Combine the power of solar energy with a grid connection using hybrid solar systems. This setup enables businesses to benefit from solar energy while still having access to the grid as a backup during extended periods of low sunlight or increased power demand.

Advantages of Inverter and Solar-Powered Security Systems

By integrating solar power systems with your CCTV and security systems, businesses can reap numerous advantages:

Uninterrupted Operation:

Ensure your security systems remain operational even during power outages, such as load shedding. With solar-powered solutions, you can mitigate security risks and maintain peace of mind.

Environmental Sustainability:

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by embracing solar-powered solutions. These systems produce clean energy without contributing to carbon emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.


Amidst the ongoing electricity problems in South Africa, it is vital for businesses to explore alternative power sources for the uninterrupted operation of their CCTV and security systems. Solar-powered solutions offer a sustainable and reliable option that keeps businesses safe and secure, even during load shedding or power outages. If you are unable to install solar panels, inverters can serve as a standalone system, guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply. Embrace solar energy or inverters to protect your assets. For more information on solar-powered CCTV systems, contact us at 086 100 8866 or email us at


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