Offsite Monitoring


Offsite Monitoring

CCTV Security Surveillance offers live offsite monitoring to the industry with the use of Artificial intelligence.
The control room operators monitor the customer’s site with the principle of black screen monitoring.

Black screen monitoring is a concept where the screens are blank and only show the alerts being sent from the client’s sites to the control room.

By making use of the black screen monitoring setup the controllers only see what they need to in the control room and are thus not distracted by unnecessary information, they only see what they need to and react according to the client’s predefined rules for the site.


Alerts can originate from various devices installed at the client’s sites.

CCTV can monitor alerts from the client’s sites via 3rd party hardware devices / IO / Electric fencing / Alarm panels / Artificial intelligence / Video Analytics / Beams or motion detection from the devices, all of these systems can trigger an alert in the control room.


An Artificial intelligent device is installed at the clients premises , this device can be linked to all known CCTV systems which are capable of RTSP streams.

The device performs real time video analytics 24 hours a day , the device can be programmed to alert on numerous customized alerts to suit the clients needs and environment.

For example, the client can chose to be alerted if any vehicles enters their parking area after working hours , or any entry to sensitive areas such as cash offices during stipulated times , or the client can chose to have their perimeters monitored 24 hours a day while the system only reacts to a person climbing over the wall , the system will then ignore any other objects such as cars passing in the background,light changes or animals passing in front of the field of view.

The Artificial intelligence unit can distinguish between various objects and knows the difference between these objects.

The Artificial intelligence unit can be programmed to alert on the following objects to name a few – Car/Bus/Animals/People/A person near a vehicle/Security personnel.

The system is connected to the cloud and updated an refined all the time.

By making use of artificial intelligence for OFF Site monitoring the amount of false alarms from the clients sites are drastically reduced which in turn gives the client a higher quality more secure ,Off site monitoring service.

Operators can focus on real intelligence from site and are no longer distracted by false alarms created by trees swaying in the wind or animals triggering beams or motion detectors.

Benefits of Offsite Monitoring

Reduced bandwidth requirements from site to control room

Lower data costs

Faster reaction times

Offsite cloud-based recordings of alerts

Artificial Intelligent monitoring, the system constantly learns and evolves

Additional Offsite Monitoring Services offered by CCTV


Automatic license plate recognition / License plate recognition systems can be installed on the client’s premises.

License plates can be flagged/marked and placed into different categories with rules for their respective category.

For example, a database of VIP license plates can be created, as soon as a VIP enters the client’s premises then the system will recognize his plates and this info will be sent to the control room for verification, the control room operator then opens the gate from the control room and this prevents collusion between on-site guards letting in unwanted guests to the client’s premises.


All CCTV clients benefit from virtual tours during their monitoring times.

The operators log into all cameras on site and report back to the client if the premises are safe. These virtual tours include the following –

All entrances are locked and secured

Lights on/off

Any visible intrusions

Guards active and on duty

SHEQ requirements and many more.

Offsite Monitoring

Hardware Monitoring

All systems connected to the control room are monitored 24 hours a day.

All clients monitoring hardware is monitored 24 hours a day to ensure maximum uptime.

Should a client also have the system covered by a CCTV maintenance or rental agreement then all faults are automatically logged by the control room, giving all monitoring clients complete peace of mind that their systems are being monitored and repaired all of the time.

This significantly increases the uptime and reliability of the hardware onsite leaving the client more time to focus on their business.

Two Way Communication

Clients can opt to have IP audio devices installed by CCTV together with CCTVs offsite monitoring solution.

By making use of two way audio the control room can now talk to perpetrators live as a pre-warning that they are being monitored and be made aware of it, with this system in place the chance of the perpetrator damaging clients’ infrastructure whilst trying to gain entry is drastically reduced, saving time on costly repairs and insurance claims.

Offsite Monitoring Services

VIP Pre Check

Clients can request that pre-entry visual tours be done by contacting the control room before entering their premises or creating a rule where the control room performs virtual tours at certain times.

The clients can also request that they be monitored while exiting their vehicles up to entering their building to ensure maximum response and safety at all times.

Online Support

All CCTV offsite monitored clients benefit from CCTV online support service.

Online repairs or updates can be requested at any time by the client, ensuring their systems are kept running optimally at all times.

Third-Party Integration

CCTV control room can fully automate and integrate with numerous third-party devices.

These can range from gates/lights/airconditioning units/sirens to name a few. The control room can switch on / off various devices depending on the client’s requirements.

The control room can for example close gates where they were left open or switch lights on / off at the client’s site should the need arise.

Offsite Reviewing

CCTV offers all their clientele MANUAL or AUTO offsite reviewing of footage.

The backups of recorded video footage are done at the client’s site or via the internet. The footage then gets sent to the CCTV reviewing centre where our experienced reviewers analyse the footage for incidents. Only the specific incidents are backed up and categorized for the client. The reviewed video footage is sent to the client with a brief description of the incident, giving the client the evidence that they need to discipline or prosecute a suspect or staff member.

This saves the client valuable time by not going through hours of video footage recorded from numerous cameras.

This form of reviewing is done and collected on a monthly basis.

Auto Offsite Reviewing

With CCTV’s latest technology the reviewing time for footage is drastically reduced.

A system with auto reviewing capability gets installed in conjunction with the client’s existing or new CCTV system.

The auto reviewing system is then programmed to bookmark incidents based on the client’s requirements and industry.

The auto reviewing system is scheduled to automatically backup these incidents into smaller segments and places them into the cloud after hours or at a time stipulated by the client.

By doing the backups after hours the system can send the footage to the reviewing centre via the internet without affecting the client’s internet speeds or reducing bandwidth on the client’s internal network during business hours.

The incident is reviewed by the operator and sent back to the client within 48 hours of the incident being received from the site.

This drastically reduces turnaround times for disciplinary action against staff members or prosecuting suspects.

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