Control Room Consoles

  • Custom-designed consoles to suit each and every client’s individual needs.
  • Range includes single operator consoles to video wall consoles
  • Manufactured with customised specifications to suit the client’s size of room or space
  • High quality timber frameworks designed in a selection of colour palettes
  • Designs allow for matches to the existing colour schemes of the current setup
  • Designs can be curved, straight or angled, to fit any style, taste, furniture or environment
  • Custom built for the size and amount of the operational equipment required, including monitors, recorders, paper trays, media units, air-conditioning units or cooling fans
  • All wiring, plug points and power adapters concealed behind the console, leaving a neat and complete solution

Thermal Cameras

Used primarily for surveillance throughout law enforcement, perimeter security and commercial sectors, Thermal (Infrared or Night Vision) cameras are available with a range of applications to assist with security surveillance.

HD Over Coax CCTV Systems

HD Over Coax CCTV systems, currently the most popular due to price and quality, also known as HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) or HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface), or High Definition Over Coax, is an over coaxial cable analogue HD video transmission standard, with composite video, audio, and data control signals transmitted over one coaxial cable.

IP Cameras

What is an IP camera?
An IP camera is the evolution from analogue signal to a digital signal. IP cameras are based on the same networking technology used to connect computers (PC’s) to a network switch. The term IP camera is an acronym for Internet Protocol. IP cameras are also commonly referred to as HD cameras, High Definition cameras, Megapixel Cameras. Megapixel means millions of pixels.