HD Over Coax CCTV Systems

HD Over Coax CCTV systems, currently the most popular due to price and quality, also known as HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) or HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface), or High Definition Over Coax, is an over coaxial cable analogue HD video transmission standard, with composite video, audio, and data control signals transmitted over one coaxial cable.

The installation is a simplified process using RG-59 cable installed over distances in excess of 500m. No repeaters or signal boosters are required to enhance performance.


  • Overall lower cost solution
  • Reduced upgrading as analogue cabling doesn’t need to be changed to fibre
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Cheaper option to IP if a new system requires installation
  • Provides fast transmission of high definition video as well as audio over long distances
  • Systems are installed the same way as analogue systems but supply up to 1080p (equivalent to 2MP) high definition.
  • Best option for upgrading existing systems from standard definition to high definition
  • Offers longer transmission via coaxial cable

The technology incorporates cameras and DVRs, together with Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) which provides extremely low signal distortion for long-distance transmission.

CCTV Security Surveillance Maintenance Contracts covering regular maintenance and inspections are recommended to ensure long-term System sustainability.

For more information on our HD Over Coax systems contact our Security Surveillance Sales team.