Thermal Cameras

Used primarily for surveillance throughout law enforcement, perimeter security and commercial sectors, Thermal (Infrared or Night Vision) cameras are available with a range of applications to assist with security surveillance.

Regardless of the environmental condition, thermal cameras gather their imagery from heat-generated infrared radiation, producing a final result of superior picture quality. With the ability to record imagery in pitch black surroundings or obscured conditions like rain, mist, snow or smoke, thermal cameras will capture and deliver the same picture quality as when operating in the clearest conditions.

With greater distance viewing capability than standard CCTV cameras, human form or movement detection extends from a few meters to several kilometres away, depending on lenses used and environmental conditions.

Thermal cameras are available in a variety of models with optional features, including temperature monitoring for critical equipment surveillance and perimeter protection.

Hand Held Thermals: Perfect for guards on patrol or pursuing a suspect.

Portable “GO PRO”: These can be affixed to a Drone to provide quick and efficient surveillance of large areas.

Pan-tilt (PT) Thermals: With built-in pan and tilt functions, these cameras have accurate pointing control and provide automated fully programmable scan patterns.

Fixed Mount Thermals: Available in a range of lenses these cameras create virtual barriers and are perfect for monitoring critical equipment requiring exact running temperatures.

CCTV Security Surveillance Maintenance Contracts covering regular maintenance and inspections are recommended to ensure long-term System sustainability.

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