CCTV Security Surveillance specialises in the integration of third-party devices including tills, scales, weighbridges, package scanners, petrol pumps and overhead till displays.

The data transmitted by these third-party devices is captured and overlaid onto the CCTV system where each transaction is also recorded for data mining capabilities.

Benefits of interfacing include:

  • Reduced shrinkage in retail stores
  • Sweet-hearting at tills (not scanning every product when a family member is posing as a legitimate client)
  • Under-weighing at scales and weighbridges
  • Scanned vs Sold product price and description comparisons
  • Staff theft (giving products to clients and not placing the money into the tills)
  • Scanning of lower value barcodes when the actual product being sold is of a higher value
  • Off-site analysis and reviewing of recorded footage
  • Written reports and video clip compilations of transactions and theft patterns (This service can be offered as a once-off or on a contractual basis)

Alarm/Trigger-based Off-site monitoring

Monitoring of event triggers, eg: camera motion or analytics, perimeter beam interruptions, thermal or infra-red passive disturbances

Benefits of Off-site solutions:

  • Transmission of live video to the CCTV off-site control room
  • Immediate operator event/intrusion verification
  • No staff intimidation
  • No staff collusion
  • Capital cost savings for perimeter patrol guards
  • Cloud recording of events (all events are securely stored off-site in case the recorders are damaged or stolen)
  • Early warning systems
  • Online support offers live servicing of client systems via the control room
  • Daily checks on cameras and hardware
  • Reduction of insurance cost of premises (dependant on insurance company/policy)
  • Emergency activation in event of armed robberies
  • Two-way communication (optional hardware required)

CCTV Security Surveillance Maintenance Contracts covering regular maintenance and inspections are recommended to ensure long-term System sustainability.

For more information on our service Interfacing contact our Security Surveillance Sales team.