Public Address Systems


Public Address (PA) Systems

PA systems, which distribute clear and audible sound, are comprised of an electronic sound amplifier, microphone and loudspeakers.

A selection of models is available, each of which is designed to address a number of people in varying sized spaces or buildings.

Small PA Systems

Small PA Systems consist of a microphone, amplifier and one or more loudspeakers. Most of these systems provide 50 to 200 watts of power and are used at small venues for conferencing, or in churches, school auditoriums etc.

Compact disk players or radios can be connected through the system for music as well as voice audio.

Large PA Systems

Large PA Systems can cover much larger places. For example an industrial site, an outdoor complex like stadiums, colleges or university campuses.

They are also used in emergencies, to alert people in large spaces in large volumes.

Telephone Paging Systems

PBX (Private branch exchange) telephones systems can use paging facilities and you can use the PBX system as a telephone and paging system via a PA Amplifier. Microphone PA systems tend to be bulky and so the PA telephone system works out as a better option for places like schools. The reason for this is so that the PA system can be accessed from different points in the school.

Small Venue Systems

Small venues, like bars and clubs, use simple setups with large front speakers and subwoofers which get directly aimed at the audience. Smaller speakers get aimed back at the performers to enable them to hear their instruments and voices.

Large Venue Systems

This would be for music concerts and are a lot more complicated, merely because of the size and quality that is required. It gets compiled as two separate systems. The main system and the monitor system. (Monitor for the musicians, main for the crowd) These systems utilize mixing boards, amplifiers, speakers and sound processing equipment.


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